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Swishmax for Creating Interactive Instructional Materials


I am
a teacher at SMK N 2 Bay Kuantan has repeatedly using Swishmax for Creating Interactive Instructional Materials.

Swishmax is one the best it can to make the animation, the output of swishmah may be of any type: swf, gif, avi and others.
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Network Topology

Network Topology

Topology that describe the methods used to perform the physical wiring of a network. Network Topology is the arrangement or mapping of interconnection between the nodes, from a network, both physical (real) and logical (virtual).

Based on its function there are two kinds of network topologies, physical topology is a real picture of the wiring connections in a network, logical topology that illustrates how the media access by hosts in one network.

1. Bus Topology

In this topological several hosts connected to a single backbone data point is a long straight wire. The number of computers connected in a network affect network performance, because only one computer that can send data and another computer will wait until the data is sent.

2. Ring Topology

In the ring topology network types are all related network from one computer to another to form a circle around (loop). In this topology the server computer can be put anywhere as you wish.

In this network system when the network cable in one of the computer is lost the relationship in the ring topology network will not work.

3. Star Topology

In this network type all hosts connected to a central node. This central node is usually in the form of a hub or switch. In this type of topology, computer management in raringan become easier because of the governing center semuannya.

If one computer in the network is damaged, then the computer judgments are still able to function without being interrupted with a cloth.

4. Mesh Topology

Mesh topology is the topology dideasin to have high levels of restoration, with a variety of alternative routes which are generally prepared through the support of software.

Tomologi implemented to provide maximum protection in data transmission.

5. Tree Topology

Topology tree topology is often a hybrid diebut also because some of the circuit system connected to the star-shaped bus topology, which acts as the network backbone.

This topology is used to connect between the central with several different network hierarchy.
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IT development in Teluk Kuantan of Kuantan Singingi Regency ( Kuansing )

Local Government Kuantan Singingi Regency (Kuansing) are really serious in developing communication technology.

This is proved with some locations dibuatnya hotspot wi-fi. So that the community can utilize the Internet to a variety of positive purposes.

Who want to utilize the Internet in the hotspot location of wi-fi enough to bring a laptop.

For that is not affordable can add nano station antenna.

Only should the local government Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) can provide connections to all high school / vocational high school for the first stage. This is important for the progress of education.

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Typical Large LAN Organization

Thousands to tens of thousands of devices
Desktop systems links 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps
-Into layer 2 switch
Wireless LAN connectivity available for mobile users
Layer 3 switches at local network's core
- Form local backbone
- Interconnected at 1 Gbps
- Connect to layer 2 switches at 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps
Servers connect directly to layer 2 or layer 3 switches at 1 Gbps
Lower-cost software-based router provides WAN connection
Circles in diagram identify separate LAN subnetworks
MAC broadcast frame limited to own subnetwork

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Writing Start

This blog it (information and tecnologi) as an effort to develop my intelegent that is not how.

In addition to think and what I can do save in internet.

Hopefully this paper can be useful for myself the main, and for anyone in need.